1 Bitcoin Cryptonote

BTC 1.025

Noteworthy’s physical cryptonotes marry the utility and security from the paper money, digital asset, and blockchain industries. Equipped with a secure cryptographic microcontroller, and utilizing all of the banknote industry’s advanced security features, Noteworthy notes look and feel like top-of-the-line currency while providing the highest grade of digital security directly embedded in each note.

Users can interact with the notes through Noteworthy’s mobile app, further bridging the gap between the physical and digital. Instructions on how to use the Noteworthy cryptonote can be found by downloading the app.

Noteworthy’s 1 Bitcoin cryptonote is available for delivery or pick up in Switzerland and the United States. Additional regions of availability coming soon. Upon payment you will be contacted by a Noteworthy customer service representative to coordinate our concierge delivery service.