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Noteworthy FAQ’s

Your cryptonote arrives with the full denominated value loaded into its corresponding public wallet address. There are three primary uses for your cryptonote.

  1. Hold as a long-term store-of-value asset that is directly correlated to the market price of Bitcoin
  2. Physically exchange in-person for goods or services when the note has an intact hologram securing the private key
  3. Redeem or spend directly to a digital wallet

The funds on your cryptonote may be verified by simply scanning the public wallet address QR code.  For the best user experience, Noteworthy recommends using the Noteworthy app which is available in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

It is important to remember that redeeming or spending your cryptonote funds to a digital wallet will mark the end its life as fungible physical asset. Your cryptonote will however remain a beautiful souvenir.  


Noteworthy strongly recommends that cryptonote owners only use digital wallets that have “sweep” capabilities so that your crypto assets are fully protected as they are transferred to your new wallet.  The following link is a good reference article to better understand the differences between sweeping your private key vs importing (https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoin-wallet/paper/private-key-sweep-import/).


Noteworthy has identified the following digital wallet applications that allow you to sweep your 5mBTC cryptonote to a digital wallet. 

When you are fully prepared to spend your cryptonote funds to a digital wallet, you may scratch off the hologram which conceals the private key QR code and then proceed with the instructions from your chosen digital wallet to transfer funds. Blockchain mining fees will be applied during the process.  


Please note that cryptonotes must have their funds spent to a digital wallet before being forwarded to an exchange wallet. Funds may not be sent directly from a cryptonote to an exchange wallet.

Cryptonotes represent a sound way to diversify any crypto enthusiast’s custody strategy because it delivers all of the benefits of cold storage while also being uniquely fungible in the real world for off-ledger transactions without any mining fees. Physical custody of cryptonotes means there is no risk of lost passwords, hacking nor could any attempted seizure of funds by banks, exchanges or governments be executed because the private keys are physically secured on the note itself. Still, cryptonotes provide the flexibility to be redeemed or spent to any digital wallet whenever the user chooses.


Cryptonotes are designed and manufactured in Switzerland with the most advanced anti-counterfeit banknote features used today by the world’s leading central banks to ensure that the physical exchange of notes with intact holograms can be fully trusted.

The note may be exchanged physically for goods and services in the real world an unlimited number of times without any mining or transaction fees as long as the hologram securing the private key is kept fully intact.


Once the hologram is scratched off for redeeming funds, the note is no longer valid for use as a secure storage device and simply becomes a souvenir.

As is the case with any physical asset such as cash or precious metals, losing possession of a cryptonote means you’ve lost the asset. People who own cryptonotes no longer have to worry about lost passwords as a threat to their physical crypto assets.

All orders are subject to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) background checks.  Large orders may require an additional KYC background check.  Please contact us at sales@noteworthy.ag if you have any questions.